Guess That Car

4.3 ( 6723 ratings )
Stili e tendenze Giochi Rompicapo Trivia
Sviluppatore Trevor DArcy-Evans
1.99 USD

Are you a petrol head? Do you know a Ford from a Chrysler? How well do you know your cars? Could you identify a car from a picture fragment?

Now you can test your knowledge with this great app. Scratch away to reveal part of a car and then take your best guess. Get it right and earn points to gain access to beautiful galleries of high quality images. Progress through the levels and view over 2000 car pictures.

Guess That Car features:
* simple, uncluttered, intuitive interface
* over 2000 high quality, high resolution color images
* beautiful CoverFlow interface to browse galleries
* lots of current cars
* really test your knowledge against:
** car interiors
** concept cars
** high end exotica exotica
* car sound effects (which you can turn off!)